About Us

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Do you love jewelry? Well guess what, we do too! In fact, we are passionate about jewelry & fashion accessories. We delight in seeking & acquiring the hidden gems in our vast world. We are passionate about cross-cultural exchange of ideas and goods. We believe in surrounding ourselves with people that are dreamers, thinkers and doers. But most importantly we are passionate about you. Passionate about helping you to unleash your inner beauty and allowing it shine brightly.

Sundancers is a fashion jewelry collection that combines bohemian chic, designer and contemporary trends in a spirited and carefree way. Our collection is born of a nomadic lifestyle and a one world view. A belief that true inner beauty is sure to radiate outward and inspire those whose lives touch ours. We design for the culturally sophisticated woman. We design for the modern gypsy. We design for days spent dancing in the sun and nights spent relaxing by the light of the moon. We design for the men in your life. We design for you.